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ServiceM8 – Smart job management for tradies

ServiceM8 is a great job management solution for businesses in a variety of industries; electrical, plumbing, IT, cleaning, pest control or security. Virtually any industry where jobs are required to be booked out and scheduled to employees on the move.


Service M8 is a cloud-based app for field service organisations designed to make real-time communication between office, field staff, and customer relations quicker and more efficient than ever. ServiceM8 allows you to manage jobs, staff, customers, and invoicing all from your laptop, iPhone, or iPad: even creating quotes and invoices that allow your staff to take on-site payment that can be integrated into your Xero accounting software at the tap of a button.

ServiceM8’s accessible interface lets you quickly look up customer details and fill in job details that will be instantly available to your staff. You can even look up your staff’s location to quickly assign the closest one to the job on hand—ServiceM8 will provide turn-by-turn directions and notifications to both your staff member and your client, to make sure they’re both up to date on each other’s locations.

ServiceM8 also makes job management a breeze by providing your staff with the ability to take quick before and after videos or photos, quickly access job and client details, and provides them with a step-by-step checklist to ensure nothing is forgotten. When the job is done, ServiceM8 allows for quick quoting and real-time invoicing by simply filling in the fields for material and labour costs, whereupon the professional invoice can be sent by e-mail to your client and payment can be received by your staff on-site.

Another advantage is the ability to manage this entire process from anywhere at anytime: from receiving the job details, photos taken by your staff, real-time completion of checklist items, all the way up to invoicing and payment. ServiceM8 also allows for seamless integration with Xero, allowing you to free up the precious hours typing up invoices into your accounting software all by tapping two buttons within the ServiceM8 app.

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