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Spotlight Reporting – Business intelligence at your fingertips

With four different products Spotlight Reporting provides a business intelligence toolkit that will help you make better business decisions.


Four powerful products to meet all your reporting needs

Spotlight Reporting

Comprehensive Management Reports

Spotlight Dashboard

Fully customisable dashboards

Spotlight Forecasting

All-in-one forecasting tool

Spotlight Multi

Consolidated view of up to 500 related organisations

Spotlight Reporting is an integrated suite of four different products that work together seamlessly to produce comprehensive performance reports, full three-way forecasts, instant snapshots of your business performance, and even a consolidated view of up to 500 multiple business entities for quick contrasts and comparisons within the industry.

With all that information presented in accessible, intuitive industry templates, the Spotlight suite of tools make for the ideal way for business owners, CFOs, franchises, and non-profits to achieve clarity and insight on the way towards making informed business decisions for overall growth.

With its built-in Xero integration capabilities, importing actual and budget data from Xero to Spotlight can be done with one quick click of a button, unlocking functionality and unique features, such as industry templates, Action Plans, Cashflow Forecasting, Executive Summaries, advanced consolidations with multi-currency and intercompany eliminations and more.

The Spotlight suite of products grants you access to four unique tools that work in conjunction to help you grow your business:

  • Spotlight Reporting, a powerful management tool that creates detailed reports to help visualize cash-ins & outs, reveal key performance drivers, and monitor your liquidity while including the ability to create action plans informed by your cash flow
  • Spotlight Forecasting, complete with three-way forecasting to better predict your business trajectory. This also includes a wide array of possible scenarios that help businesses plot and plan for their future.
  • Spotlight Dashboard, which consolidates all your business information into an instant snapshot of overall business performance, enabling businesses to focus on what really matters; and
  • Spotlight Multi, for franchises, not for profits, and industry specialists, where you can create multi-entity reports for comparison, aggregate, rank, and benchmark different entities to create a solid feel for your industry.

If seamless reporting, valuable insights, and unrivalled functionality sound like something you and your business might benefit from, contact ProAMS today to help you set up your Spotlight Reporting suite of tools along with Xero integration.

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